ArtMe is the latest, unique, high-tech facade surface treatment that allows literally unlimited shapes, patterns and visual effects to be expressed on the facade for dramatic, individual and creative results.

From designs and pictures to inscriptions, logos, brands and bespoke creations, ArtMe makes this possible without the need for  adhesives, additional elements or structural devices.

ArtMe uses highly controlled, 3D-forming technology used for the first time on completed façade elements with pre-coated steel-sheet surfaces. Recognizing the importance of product performance, the original integrity and characteristics are preserved without compromise.

The technology behind the façade surface re-shaping allows any design of choice to be chosen. Alternatively there is the option to select pre-designed patterns.

ArtMe ready-made design - Indent

ArtMe ready-made design - Circles

ArtMe ready-made design - Mesh

ArtMe ready-made design - Stripes

ArtMe ready-made design - Lines

ArtMe ready-made design - Bubbles

ArtMe ready-made design - Puzzles

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