Green is the new black

From the beginning, sustainable development has been central to Trimo’s operations and represents one of the foundations of Trimo’s organisational culture and mission. As a socially responsible company Trimo chooses preferentially for environmentally and people-friendly products, production programmes and technologies.

In accordance with Trimo´s policy and strategy, the company is committed to achieving high targets regarding environmental protection and sustainable development. Its product portfolio includes products which are up to 98% recyclable.
Trimo develops environmentally friendly products and technologies, reduces emissions, manages waste, uses natural resources efficiently and develops new, original and ecologically sound solutions.

Trimo has developed a family of environmentally friendly products – Trimo EcoSolutions. Products from the EcoSolution’s range provide a cladding solution that delivers exceptional energy savings. This type of cladding is cost efficient, innovative and also represents a sustainable solution. Energy savings, together with lower CO2 emissions and reduced use of resources also lowers operating costs, which can have a positive effect on the cost of operations and therefore profitability.

Trimo is spreading the culture of a responsible attitude towards climate change together with its partners in the supply chain by implementing careful management of natural resources and production energy, and deploying measures for reducing the indirect impact on the level of emissions. Trimo´s responsibility is also displayed in its defined CO2 footprint for the main Trimoterm and Qbiss related products across the complete purchase chain.

Trimo is one the first companies to acquire the Planet Positive mark for its Trimoterm and Qbiss products and has joined a group of prominent European companies that pay special attention to the environment. With membership of the Planet Positive Association Trimo not is only committed to continually develop environmentally friendly products and business systems, but to also actively support global products that create a positive balance in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Within the framework of the Planet Positive Association Trimo participated in the construction of the world’s first carbon neutral building, located in England.

Trimo is also a member of United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning its operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles including human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

There are many examples that confirm Trimo’s commitment to sustainable development. From participating in the Cradle-to-Cradle initiative (C2C), completing the life-cycle analysis (LCA) for key Trimo products, to a implementing working solar-power plant on Trimo’s roof using Trimo EcoSolar PV panels. Trimo is also a member of competence centre TIGR (centre for sustainable and innovative construction).

With the development of its products Trimo tries to act as environmentally friendly as possible and strives to lower harmful emissions. Its aim is to achieve high energy efficiency as well as put its new products into sustainable perspective.

Within the Qbiss family of products Trimo developed a new modular façade system Qbiss One - a product which is 98% recyclable and has a CO2 footprint of just 44 kg/m2 (LCA).

It also has developed the thin-layer, highly insulated Qbiss Air façade, which with its high level of insulation brings huge energy savings whilst its reduced thickness maximises the internal volume of the building.  Additionally, the Qbiss Air façade system boasts the very best performance characteristics in lowering emissions and includes a high percentage of recyclable materials.

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